Let me tell you on how to: Make your USB that is own OTG for the Android smartphone

Some high-end Android os phones & most of today’s Android tablets support USB OTG (On-The-Go). This permits users in order to connect A usb that is standard input

Some high-end Android phones and a lot of of today’s Android tablets support USB OTG (On-The-Go). This gives users in order to connect standard USB input products such as for example keyboards and mice, and even expand storage space utilizing a regular usb pen drive. Nevertheless, only some Android os pills are designed with a USB host port (Type a connector that is female, while no cell phone is. Some phone that is mobile ship USB host ports due to their devices although some ask them to as optional add-ons, frequently at reasonably limited cost.

A female convertor, but this should also be an OTG cable in order to connect an Android phone to a standard USB device, you need to use a micro (or mini) USB to USB Type. A mini USB OTG cable comes in the marketplace and certainly will run you around Rs.150 – Rs.300, but vendors that are finding really offer it’s not easy. Those who can be obtained aren’t going to function. The actual situation for the micro USB OTG cables is additionally comparable.

USB connector kinds

In this workshop, we explain to you exactly how it is possible to build yourself an OTG cable (be it micro or mini) at very little price. Do remember that the process mentioned eris desktop right here will include hacking into the current cable, and also a blunder that is small possibly harm your cable or the unit you employ it with. Proceed with careful attention as we just take no duty for just about any damages to your unit. Repeat this at your personal danger. Moreover, do pay attention to your Android os specifications and always check carefully to see if it offers OTG capabilities before attempting away this workshop. Phones do not need become rooted while the stock ROM usually supports OTG in appropriate devices. Those individuals who have installed third-party developer ROMs should talk with the designers in the event that OTG function is enabled within the kernel.

Slicing the connector sleeve

Since all phones frequently ship with cables, we suggest you go for an extra one through the market generate the OTG cable. If you are unable to find the same cable, this workshop will even explain to you tips on how to make use of the same cable for regular and OTG modes. Into the procedure that is following we will be making use of a micro USB cable we’ll transform to be utilized with USB OTG.

  • A mini that is standard micro USB cable
  • Some small, slim cables
  • A razor-sharp blade
  • Soldering solder and iron cable
  • Wire cutter
  • Hot glue or any fast glue

Firstly, we have to cut open the USB that is micro connector meticulously utilizing a blade. The concept let me reveal to slice the external sleeve (length-wise) into two halves to show the connector in. Take care not to destroy the exterior sleeve it back on after the work is done as we shall be glueing.

A miniature switch

Following the sleeve is taken aside, some people will dsicover a whitish synthetic mould since the connector’s leads. This is certainly for strengthening the cable to connector contacts, and its particular usage depends from maker to maker. Those people who have this mould will also need to cut through it to show the connector leads. On revealing the connector leads, you shall realize that it offers five leads and never four. The typical four are energy, information, information and ground, whilst the non-connected lead is feeling. This lead should be grounded before connecting the cable for the device to switch to OTG sense and mode a USB unit attached to the screen.

The real difference – circuit

Provided above could be the pin-out diagram for the micro and mini USB connector.

Pin 4 perhaps maybe Not linked / unused

To get the device to get into OTG mode, we have to brief Pins 4 and 5. You may either decide to brief them forever by soldering them together or soldering two cables to every for the pins and leading those outwards through the connector, that could then be soldered to a tiny switch. Utilizing the switch, we are able to switch the cable between normal and OTG whenever needed. If you decide to brief it forever, you’re going to have to cut the connector off during the other end (The Type A Male USB connector) and solder a kind B Female connector to support a USB unit. You are able to elect to have male to female USB convertor at that end. Some tips about what we did:

The connector while the sleeve

We made a decision to link a switch that is small the leads at Pin 4 and Pin 5 and glue the change to the cable it self. In this manner, we’re able to utilize the cable for both regular and purposes that are OTG. Next, we glued the connector sleeves right right back very very carefully making use of glue that is hot. Now one other end of this cable, which includes a male usb connector, must be changed into a feminine. Because of this, we plumped for the scrapped USB back panel connector of a desktop computer. We soldered the cables of this USB connector generate a USB convertor that is female-to-female. As soon as done, we’ve got an OTG cable prepared to be used. Merely to make sure we usually do not find yourself frying our phone, we utilized a multimeter to double-check any cable shortings through the soldering. Finally, we connected the OTG cable to your Android os (the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman) and used a USB mouse along with it. If the cable worked for you personally along with your phone works with with OTG features, you can link a USB hub towards the OTG cable and make use of a USB keyboard, mouse and pen drive together on a single Android os unit.

Micro USB Pin points

By after this workshop now you can conveniently use a pointing device to regulate your apps and games, make use of a keyboard to kind emails and communications or work with a pen drive to keep or access news or big files. You can make your own OTG cable for under Rs.100 if you are lucky enough to find a micro USB connector and a Type A Female USB connector at an electronics store though.

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