Your No Claims Bonus should be paid down by 2 yrs (or anything you have actually if significantly less than that) for every fault claim you make. Additionally, you will not obtain a additional year’s No Claims Bonus as soon as your policy is born for renewal.

Let’s say my No Claims Bonus is protected or guaranteed in full?

You may make as much as two fault claims in 3 years before we will take away the security.

In the event that you make three fault claims in 36 months, we’ll get rid of the security and lower your No Claims Bonus by two years.

Can I protect my No Claims Bonus at renewal?

You will have the ability to protect your No Claims Bonus provided that:

How do you produce a noticeable modification to my policy from renewal?

Just just exactly What can I do if I possessed a motoring conviction throughout the previous 12 months?

Please e mail us right here.

just just What must I do if i have modified my vehicle?

Please call us here.

Exactly exactly What must I do if I do not like to restore my policy?

We wish that will not function as situation, but us here if you don’t want to renew your policy, please contact.

Whenever am I going to get my No Claims Bonus evidence?

Your No Claims Bonus evidence are located in your renewal pack, you will discover it regarding the web page en titled ‘Motor Renewal Confirmation (evidence of No Claims Bonus)’.

You can view this document by signing in or registering to your account if you are an online customer.

In the event that you get your articles when you look at the post then this document could have been delivered whenever taking out fully, changing or renewing your policy.


What are the eligibility requirements for having a LittleBox?

LittleBox may be ideal for any driver that is safe to truly save cash on the auto insurance, you can find just a couple of things you’ll want to make certain suit you:

Could I drive my vehicle before LittleBox is installed?

Yes, you are able to drive right as your cover begins.

Just just exactly What information does LittleBox gather?

The LittleBox gathers information on once the vehicle is employed, how long it travels and its own location, also all about your driving behavior speed that is including acceleration and braking.

Exactly just just How is it information utilized?

These records can be used to analyse your behaviour that is driving how safe a motorist you may be, and also to validate your policy information such as for example target and mileage.

Does LittleBox understand where i will be?

Yes, LittleBox does deliver location information but we additionally have a look at just exactly just how well you drive in an effort to supply you the discount that is best feasible. We simply take a good method of your vehicle insurance coverage and encourage our customers to take pleasure from driving.

The length of LittleBox?

Our units are concerning the exact same size as a contemporary smart phone as they are fitted away from sight in your vehicle.

Just how much does it cost to have LittleBox set up?

There’s absolutely no extra cost when it comes to very first installation.

Can you share the information and knowledge with any parties that are third?

We just share the information with those organizations expected to offer the solutions underneath the policy, for instance the telematics LittleBox company. Info isn’t offered to or distributed to other people.

Will there be a limitation on what numerous kilometers We can drive?

Through your estimate simply tell us exactly how miles that are many covers throughout the 12 months, along with your premium will immediately add these. If through the 12 months you ought to travel further you need to notify us, you remain covered so we can increase your mileage to ensure. Minimal mileage limitation is applicable (1,900 kilometers).

How exactly does LittleBox get installed, do I need to go someplace?

We will contact you concerning the installing of your LittleBox. This could be finished at a location that you choose.